The acceleration sensors and lubricant quality sensors developed by FATRI Lab can be widely used in engine control units ECU/FADEC), engine health management system (EHMS), prognostic and health management (PHM), aircraft flight testing and ground testing.

1.Aero engine Health Monitoring : The vibration of modern aero-engine has a great impact on its airworthiness and structural integrity, vibration failures caused by rotor misalignment, asymmetry of stiffness, seal instability, oil film whirl and oil film oscillation, friction and looseness, rotor crack, gear and rolling bearing failure, rotating stalls and surges endanger aviation safety. Machine vibration faults with rotor system vibration as the main feature will seriously affect the reliability of the engine. Accelerometers are used to measure the vibration of aircraft engines, the operating status of the equipment and the cause of the malfunction can be accurately identified.

2.Aircraft Health Monitoring : FATRI products are used in aerial vehicles to acquire real-time monitoring data that characterize the status of the aircraft. The status information can be used for fault detection and health management of aircrafts. Helicopter health monitoring mainly includes the vibration status monitoring of helicopter power systems, helicopter transmission systems, rotor systems, and fuselage in helicopters and drone health and usage monitoring system (HUMS). In addition, in various types of failures, wear is the main cause of early failures. Due to abnormal wear of components such as bearings gears, and seals, there are wear and failure problems in oil-lubricated components (rotor bearings, gears, etc.). By particle monitoring, the content of ferromagnetic particles and non-ferromagnetic particles in the oil product can be effectively obtained, and the wear failure can be predicted in advance.