The accelerometer and particle detector developed by FATRI Lab can be used in vibration monitoring and health management of wind turbines, monitoring of long-distance oil/gas pipelines, and vibration monitoring of rotating structures of various types of equipment.

1.Wind Power Equipment Condition Monitoring : In wind power industry, faults of wind turbines belong to fault diagnosis of rotating machinery, and failures mainly include failures of wind turbine main shaft, gear boxes, generators, yaw systems, and pitch systems. Real-time monitoring of vibration status such as generator sets, rolling bearings, gear boxes, blades and towers can effectively improve the reliability of wind turbines, reduce the number of unplanned shutdowns, reduce maintenance costs, and provide an effective basis for the design and maintenance of wind turbines.

2.Petroleum and petrochemical : In addition, in various types of failures, wear is the main cause of early failures. Due to abnormal wear of components such as bearings, gears, and seals, there are wear and failure problems in oil-lubricated components (rotor bearings, gears, etc.). By particle monitoring, the content of ferromagnetic particles and non-ferromagnetic particles in the oil product can be effectively obtained, and the wear failure can be predicted in advance.