Mezzo 2ch Analyzer

MEZZO 2-Ch. Analyzer

The MEZZO 2-Channel Analyzer provides an innovative and cost-effective solution for noise and vibration analysis. More than just a DAQ system, the DSP embedded in each MEZZO 2-Channel Analyzer ensures real-time signal processing.

Designed to be used with a tablet PC or any other Windows-based PC, the MEZZO 2-Channel Analyzer benefits from the versatility and flexibility provided by computers.

Mezzo 2-ch Spec Sheet


Mezzo Software

Waveform Recorder (included)
The Waveform Recorder Module is the perfect tool for advanced sound and vibration signal processing. More than just a recorder, it also provides several post-processing tools:

  • Time History
  • FFT Spectrum
  • Fractional Octave Spectrum
  • Statistics
  • FRF
  • Waterfall
  • And More
Waveform Recorder User Guidemezzo_waveform_recorder

Noise Analyzer (SLM, RTA & FFT)(optional)
The Noise Analyzer module contains the essential features needed for a professional sound level meter and real-time spectrum analyzer. This module is included with the Mezzo Precision Microphone.

Noise Analyzer User Guide


Building Acoustics(optional)
The Building Acoustics Module is the perfect tool for the noise specialist providing an integrated project file with on-site reports.

  • Room Noise
  • Reverberation Time
  • Airborne Sound Insulation
  • Impact Sound Level
  • And More

The Building Acoustics uses a project file approach combining measurements and test reports in a single file. This approach makes it easy to manage a large quantity of measurements and provide on-site reports. The on-site reporting allows not only to view the test result instantly, but also to make sure that no measurement was forgotten.

Building Acoustics User Guidemezzo_building_acoustics