Qref is a monopole source to use as a sound power reference. It allows identification of sound

power in any acoustic environment, in accordance with ISO 3747 and beyond.

Qref is the ideal product for measurements in situ, based on a comparison of the sound

pressure levels of for example operational machinery on-site with those of the calibrated

power reference source.

Another main application for Qref is calibration of measurement rooms or installations in test

rooms based on the power reference source, including free field decay measurements.

Qref can also be applied for Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) type of measurements of rooms,

halls, other acoustically coupled systems and other airborne excitation applications.

The sound power reference source Qref exceeds the requirement of ISO 6926 and offers a

unique solution to measure in non-ideal acoustic conditions. The internal sensors measure the

driver’s activity and determine whether its within the controlled working range (temperature

and amplitude). The set includes a dedicated Infra-Qsources QamR amplifier.

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